Make Your Car More Stylish With LED Light Bars

LED light bars are car accessories that are not only stylish but also highly useful. A light-emitting diode or LED is a semiconductor diode that produces electroluminescence (light) when electricity is applied to it. The LED Light illuminates well and has a high light intensity to help you cruise safely at night.

Why Use LED Light bars?

LED light bars have several advantages compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs. While the latter has a filament that easily breaks, the former is made of a solid, semiconductor material. Hence, LED light bars do not break easily. Due to their solid-state, they last longer, are very efficient and cost-effective in the long-run. 

The best LED Light bars come in different sizes and can be installed on different parts of your car. Aside from giving you the freedom to install wherever you like on your vehicle, LED light bars deliver ample light to help you drive comfortably at night. Additionally, they produce minimum heat, which makes them efficient.

What to Look for While Buying LED Light bars

It is always advisable to check out a buying guide for LED light bars before purchasing them. Doing so helps you to get to know the latest products to hit the market, the pros and cons of different brands while preparing you to get the ideal LED light bar for your car.

1. Brightness

When buying LED light bars, you should consider the intensity of the light that you are going for. If you want to install an LED light bar at the front of your car, then buy a light bar with the highest watt output.

2. Size

The size of the light bar should be proportional to the size of your car. It would look odd if you had a small bar (five-inch) on your SUV or a 50-inch bar on a smaller car. When buying an LED light bar, buy one that will be a perfect fit for your vehicle.

3. Housing

The type of car that you have will determine the type of casing for your light. You can consider buying housing that matches your vehicle. For off-road vehicles, make sure the casing is made of rugged construction that cannot be damaged easily. In this case, choose an aluminum casing which lasts longer than other housings.

4. Heat Sinks

Heat sinks generally help in heat dispersions from the LED light bar, which, in turn, gives the bar a longer life span. The larger the heat sink, the better it will be for your light bar. Also, go for a heat sink that has many ridges and fins, as these features help in dispersing heat quickly and protecting your LED’s driver circuits.

5. Illumination 

There are several styles of illumination available, and you can choose the kind of combination that would work best to deliver the desired road visibility.

  • SpotLight: this type of illumination covers a smaller area, as the name suggests. Nevertheless, they are incredibly bright and have a focused beam that travels over long distances (not suitable for highway).
  • Driving Light: these lights are designed in a manner that allows them to illuminate a wider area than regular headlights; they are excellent for off-road conditions.
  • Fog Light: these types of lights are used together with your headlights for maximum illumination. As such, they are installed below the headlights, and they project a beam of light while driving under fog, dust, or rainy conditions.

Buying an LED light bar is an easy process requiring you to go through several best LED Lightbars – buying guide and reviews. Most of these reports will show you how to install a light bar and will indicate the ideal one for your car. 

Once you’ve bought the ideal LED Light for your car, installation depends on your personal preference. Whether you choose to install a single, colored LED bar or a multi-colored one, the installation process is easy to follow as laid down below;

  • Clean the place to install the LED light bar.
  • Lift your car if you are setting the LED on the underside using a hydraulic jack.
  • Using zip ties, secure your LED Lightbars. Have a ziplock after every 12-inches of the LED strip.
  • Connect LED wires to the module box and then extend them to reach the specific place that you want to have your LED Light.
  • Have the module box away from the engine but close to the battery, ensuring the area is always dry.
  • Make sure the LED light bar is working correctly and follow the manufacturer’s manual while installing to avoid any hitches.

Making your car more stylish with LED light bars is one of the easiest ways of having an eye-catching car. So what are you waiting for? There are different colors and sizes out there to match varying preferences.

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